Early sketch for the online score report

The UI/UX development of the Online Student Reporting Portal for the redesigned PSAT and SAT was my main role at The College Board. This portal enables students to view test results, review incorrect test questions, and receive insights into their college potential. Working closely with design researchers, the interface is optimized for college-bound students. Viewed as a game changer, this application is pivotal in bridging the gap between students and the organization.


Take SAT score reporting online and translate data from paper report. Find the real benefit of having score reports online and make it a useful experience for students. Manage the workflow between students receiving the paper report and directing them to the online experience.

Mobile wireframes for the Test Question review section


After evaluating the current design and speaking with my team, along with the major product stakeholders, I got up to speed on the project’s history, goals and any current roadblocks. Together with the design research team, we set up usability testing sessions with students to evaluate my designs.

Through these sessions, we learned a great deal about how the designs were received and the primary goal for students in learning what they wanted to achieve by accessing their scores online: the ability to review each test question and see what they got wrong and why.


The online Score Reporting system went live in the spring of 2015 and saw a significant increase in accessibility of detailed test scores to all college-bound students.



Using the System