Sketches for the landing state


Commissioned by the IT department at UBS, my company was tasked with creating a replacement system for a platform called Tableau. UBS was looking for a fully customized platform where they could use proprietary terms and functions unique to their organization.

The main goal of this project was to enable the CTO and other IT managers to get a quick snapshot of employee utilization throughout the company. With over 11,000 people in the IT department globally, including contractors, UBS needed a digital system to track very detailed information around every single employee.



Application Sitemap

As the UX lead, I began by speaking with the major stakeholders a round their must-haves and desires for this new system. It was also important for me to better understand the vast complexities around UBS’ proprietary terms and systems to tailor the system correctly. I also relied on the subject matter expert on my team to help break down the data sets and translate them into a visually pleasing format.



Wireframe from the Programs page, displaying data about employees from a programmatic perspective.


The end result is an engaging experience which allows IT directors to quickly narrow down the utilization of employees worldwide. This allows them to make decisions quickly and get the most from their workforce.